Project GRS one. That’s what we call it in the corridors of Cocoon. The seam and transit seal of the data center in Eemshaven was such a good thing that we were hired based on a recommendation and asked to work on a project in England. No sooner said than done, so we packed up and sailed over the North Sea.

Project GRS one: aesthetics is important

Cocoon started work for Galliford Try UK. They have a large data center in Hemel Hempstead, England. Their question was simple: seal the openings of the cables in the steel structure and ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish. A tuft of cables that goes from outside to inside creates a large hole in the construction and that gives rise to air, moisture and vermin. With a solid seam and transit seal, that problem is solved.

However the question begs, how do you place a good seam and transit seal? Read more about this in our previous blog article. At this data center in Hemel Hempstead, the challenge was mainly in the aesthetics. Sealing the hole through which the cables are going is one thing. But doing this nicely is a second.

Two phases, two men, six weeks

Two Cocoon engineers spent six weeks working on this big project. We divided Project GRS one into two phases. We started with a water-resistant finishing of the concrete construction. The second phase consists of installing the metal facade cladding so that an airtight and seamless finish can be realized without leakage.

We can now report that this project has been successfully completed and that this data center is also protected against air, moisture, and vermin. And in addition, it looks neat. Mission accomplished.

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