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How to control humidity?

If you want to store parts for a longer period of time, it is important to reduce the humidity level to around 40%. Too high humidity can eventually cause steel to rust and products to lose their quality. Too low humidity can compromise the quality of rubbers and...

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Update of project Amsterdome

It was June 4, 2018 when we commenced the Amsterdome (formerly known as Aviodome) project. Missed what it is about? Then read our previous blog post. In short: six kilometer long seam sealing at about 23 meters in height for the old dome of the Amsterdome. The same...

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Cocoon stretches its limits: working at 70 meters height

Working at 70 meters height. Sealing more than 200 seams for about 148 high voltage pylons. Impressive numbers, but no problem for Cocoon. We have successfully completed our project for TenneT, and we are delighted to tell you more about it. You could already read...

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Prevent corrosion and mold with the seamless preservation by the Cocoon Mothballing System. Or view other Cocoon products such as Facade Covering, Roof Covering en Membrane.

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