Working at 70 meters height. Sealing more than 200 seams for about 148 high voltage pylons. Impressive numbers, but no problem for Cocoon. We have successfully completed our project for TenneT, and we are delighted to tell you more about it.

You could already read about it in our blog from last year: Cocoon went with both feet off the ground to realize the seam sealing of high-voltage pylons. A challenging project, because our guys had to be specially trained by Rope Access to be able to work at a height of 70 meters.

What does this project involve?

Seal off all horizontal seams of the power pylons so that they become weatherproof: that was TenneT’s brief. Some of the masts were already built and in operation, and others were still under construction. That required a lot of flexibility from Cocoon. The masts that were in use had to be switched off in time. This sometimes led to changes in planning.

We started the project in 2015 and completed it a few weeks ago. Because of the high level and the associated risks, we had to have our employees trained by Rope Access, so that they could safely go to work.

How did we implement it?

To seal the seams in a sustainable and aesthetic way, we use our Cocoon method. A spray able PVC with a sufficient elasticity with which we can seal up to 5 to 6 mm gaps. Due to the applied layer thickness we can accommodate the movement of the mast for up to 30 years.

What is special about Cocoon? It has the unique property that it always goes back to the original form in which it was applied. That makes it, in addition to being a durable product, also an elastic and weather-resistant product.

What else can Cocoon do?

In addition to this project at a high altitude, Cocoon also carries out many more special projects. For example, we are working on the preservation of a part of the largest nuclear fusion reactor ever made, we seal 6 kilometers of seams on an immense dome and we recently unpacked the spare part of an LNG ship after 30 years of preservation.

Curious about other Cocoon activities? Contact us for more information.