Data center protection with quality seam and gap sealing

Data centres are the foundation of the digital economy.

Prevent unwanted and dangerous situations in rooms where servers, generators and other equipment are located. 


Data center security solutions

In the past, Cocoon has secured data centers with their quality seam and gap sealing work for the following organisations in Europe and the Middle East:

| Interxion | Iron Mountain | Data Place | Microsoft Inc. | Google GRQ | Colt | Digital Realty |

What makes our data center security solution unique?

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Can withstand temperatures from -35°C – +72°

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System is weather resistant. 200% elastic. Airtight. Jointless with a very long lifespan

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Very efficient and cost saving solution on the long term

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Proven and tested for more than 80 years

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A linearly decreasing guarantee possible up to 10 years

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No restriction on size

About Cocoon Holland


We are located in Hoofddorp, a town nearby the airport, and we also have our dedicated storage facilities in Drachten, the north of The Netherlands where we store spare parts of LNG carriers.

Alexander van der Zee, owner of Cocoon (since 2002), has established roots in the painting industry. His grandfather had a paint factory where his father also worked in and so became quite familiar with the production and application of paint-related products from a young age.

When the opportunity came to offer cocoon products, he seized that chance to further develop new applications for the technology.


Some of our clients we’ve helped with seam and gap sealing at their datacenter

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iron mountain data centres

Application process of our product

masking off the area around the penetration - cocoon holland


Masking off the area around the penetration

covering the big openings with the cocoon foil

Step 2: 

Covering the big openings with Cocoon foil

closing small openings by means of our unique webbing technique

Step 3: 

Closing the small openings by means of our unique webbing technique

Applying the final layers

Step 4:

Applying the final layers

Technical description of Cocoon Seam & Gap sealant

  • The underlying surface to be treated must be provided to us in a clean, dry and grease-free state.
  • The seams and connecting joints present will be convered with Cocoon foil of a sufficient width.
  • Thickness: 0.40 mm.
  • The surface to be treated with have a layer of bonding primer using rollers or spraying.
  • The surface to be treated is then sprayed with layers of Cocoon 550 Grey (thickness: 0.25 mm).
  • The surface to be treated is then sprayed with layers of Cocoon 550 White (thickness: 0.25 mm).
  • The final layer will be applied using a roller or by spraying in the desired final colour (thickness: 0.10 mm).
Penetrations data centre - cocoon holland bv
data center security solution

Reasons to choose for seam and gap sealing by Cocoon

In a valuable building where servers, generators and other important equipment are present, it is essential that rooms are completely sealed or even conditioned.

All seams and cracks must be closed. It is possible to make the seal completely gas-, air- and watertight. Moisture and electronics do not go well together. We understand that. 

Cocoon uses a revolutionary coating product to seal air ducts, cable ducts and pipes in a professional and responsible manner.

The coating is a high-quality, sprayable synthetic material that is also maintenance-free. This product can be connected to electric cables, data cables, air ducts and other materials. 

More clients we’ve helped we’ve helped with seam and gap sealing at their datacentre

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Colt data centre services
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data center seam and gap sealing project

How does Cocoon work?

  • During an initial meeting we listen to your wishes and we introduce you to our product by means of samples and visual material.
  • We also give an extensive explanation and tell more about the method of application.
  • Once we have received your approval and/or that of the data centre, we will make an inventory of the work and the scope.
  • A proposal will be made on this basis.
  • Upon approval, we schedule the work.
  • A fixed Cocoon team performs the work at your location.


Have we aroused your interest?

We offer you the possibility to prevent unwanted and dangerous situation in rooms where servers, generators and other equipment are located.

Are you interested in seam & gap sealing by Cocoon? We’ll be happy to visit you and discuss the possibilities.

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