Cocoon Mothballing system

Preserve objects and provide them with a weatherproof , tough and seamless coating that hermetically seals your objects

and repels moisture and dust, eliminating corrosion and mould formation.

Experience unbeatable protection with the Cocoon Mothballing System. It wraps your items in a durable, weather-resistant Cocoon ‘skin’. This seamless barrier locks out moisture and dust, safeguarding against mold and corrosion. Keep your valuables in prime condition. The system maintains humidity at an ideal 40%, ensuring materials like rubber and synthetics stay intact. Ready when you are, your materials remain protected and poised for immediate use. Protect your investments effectively. Trust the Cocoon System for robust, accessible protection. Start safeguarding your assets today.

Anti-corrosion protection method for every size

Cocoon Holland BV delivers tailor-made solutions to your storage challenges. Our expertise covers a wide range of objects prone to corrosion—from aircraft idle during the pandemic to ships, and from heat exchangers to full-scale industrial plants.

Protect your investments effortlessly with our cozting to prevent rust on steel. Our innovative systems maintain the air surrounding your valuables well below the corrosion threshold. For smaller items or short-term storage, simply use our effective drying agents. They absorb moisture quickly and keep rust at bay.

For larger assets or longer-term needs, consider our advanced economiser system. It’s a smart choice: fully automated air dryers circulate dry, unheated air continuously, keeping the environment ideal for preservation. These systems rejuvenate their drying agents automatically, ensuring consistent protection without hassle.

Ensure your critical equipment stays in pristine condition, no matter the storage duration. With Cocoon Holland BV, safeguarding your valuable assets becomes simple and reliable. Let’s keep your equipment ready and operational, whenever you need it.

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Anti-corrosion Drying Systems for every size

Cocoon Holland BV specialises in ready-made solutions for storage problems. We provide made-to measure work for all objects subject to corrosion, whether this is an aeroplane, a ship or expensive apparatus such as heat exchangers, conversion installations or even entire factory installations.

Depending on the format and the duration of conservation of the object, the condition of the enclosed air is kept beneath the so-called ‘rust-border’ in a simple way. This can be done for small objects for a short period of time by using an absorbent drying substance. For larger objects, and for longer periods of storage, we will install an ‘economiser system’, which is controllable. For this we use automatically regulated air dryers, which keep the enclosed air constantly in circulation. The air-dryer produces unheated, dry air and automatically regenerates the built-in drying substance.

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Simple Application

Discover the ease of using the Cocoon Mothballing System. No need to take apart your equipment. Simply place it directly on any machine or apparatus, right where it stands. Organizations around the globe trust this system to protect their assets. Experience its benefits today. See how simple preservation can be.

  • Departments of Defense in various countries
  • Petrochemical Industry, incl. Shell, Esso and DSM
  • International Aeroplane Industries, incl. Fokker and KLM
  • Shipping companies, o.a. Shell Tankers, Nedlloyd, M.I.S.C. and Petronas
  • Harbour Contractors and Dredging work
  • Offshore industries, inc.NAM andClyde
  • Shipyards
  • Machine Manufacturers
  • Heavy Industry, incl. Corus, Hoek Loos and DSM.

Coatings for aircrafts and ships

The outer shell of an aircraft is crucial. You can fully mothball an aircraft, securing everything from engines to electronics and all systems in between!

Ships, however, demand a different approach. You need to ensure every interior space — the engine room, living quarters, deck houses, even the funnels and air shafts — is completely airtight. Deck equipment also gets its own protective enclosure. Our Cocoon Mothballing System lets you access the ship’s interior anytime without affecting the preservation quality.

Back in 1960 in Den Helder, the first mine sweepers were preserved using our Cocoon System. Fast forward to 1976, these ships were back in action with just a standard equipment check — the same as you’d perform after just three months of inactivity.

During those 16 years in storage, the mothballed sections, including nautical and weapons systems on deck, needed no maintenance. This preservation method proved so effective that minesweepers have been regularly mothballed ever since.

Protect your assets efficiently. Rely on proven systems. Keep your operations ready and resilient. Choose Cocoon Mothballing System.

Anti corrosion solutions

Discover a robust solution for fire fighting material storage, pioneered by Cocoon Holland BV in collaboration with NAM. Store your essential equipment in ‘easy access’ crates, designed to open swiftly during emergencies. This innovative approach significantly enhances reliability, slashing failure rates dramatically.

Enhance the safety and accessibility of your LNG tanker spare parts with a tailored solution developed alongside Fuji Trading Co.

Picture special halls, constructed specifically for this purpose, where vital components like bull gears and tail shafts remain housed in their original packaging. The entire area benefits from controlled air-drying, ensuring your parts are always ready and in prime condition.

Secure your equipment’s longevity and readiness. Opt for solutions that prioritize direct access and faultless preservation. Make the right choice today for a safer, more efficient tomorrow.

Find out more about mothballing for the LNG industry.

Frequently asked questions about our coatingproduct

What weather influences can Cocoon withstand?
Cocoon is resistant to weather influences that occur in the offshore, Middle East, Asia (including Singapore, Thailand and Japan) but also in the Netherlands
What is the airtightness of the Cocoon?
Cocoon has a diffusion resistance (μd value) of 14 with a minimum layer thickness of 0.7 mm.
Which materials can the Cocoon be applied to?
Cocoon adheres to almost all building materials with the exception of certain stainless steel types and has less adhesion to PE materials.
What is the warranty period and lifespan of the Cocoon system?
Depending on the area of application, we can issue a warranty period of 3 to 10 years. The lifespan can be up to 25 years, but this can be less under the influence of UV, among other things.
What is the layer thickness of the Cocoon system?
The Cocoon finish is applied with an average layer thickness of at least 0.6 to 1.2 mm.
Which chemicals is the Cocoon system resistant to?
Cocoon is resistant to chemicals where PVC products are also used such as pipes, wells, sockets. Ect. The Cocoon wall & ceiling finishing system can withstand a temporary load of 36% water peroxide.
In which final color can the Cocoon system be applied?
Cocoon can be applied in any Sikkens, RAL and NCN colors, with the exception of the metallic colors.
How elastic is the Cocoon?
Cocoon has an elasticity of 200% and can bridge the normal functioning of the substrate (shed bridging). Stretch zones and expansion possibilities can be created to bridge dilations and transitions of different materials, for example steel on concrete.
How is the Cocoon system applied?
Cocoon is applied by airless spraying technique and nebulized hardly or not. After 30-60cm the Cocoon is almost dry and can therefore be wiped up.
What requirements must the substrate meet?
Cocoon has no leveling effect and the surface must be clean, dry and undamaged for treatment. Depending on the client’s requirements, the surface to be treated must be smoothed by third parties.
How do you control the humidity in a Cocoon system?
After the object has been packed in the airtight Cocoon finish, we will keep the humidity at the desired level by using automatic air dryers.
Can you compare Cocoon with a conventional paint system?
No, there is no type of paint with the properties of Cocoon.

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Cocoon has the solution

Prevent corrosion and mold with the seamless preservation by the Cocoon Mothballing System. Or view other Cocoon products such as Facade Covering, Roof Covering and Membrane.

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Cocoon has the solution

Prevent corrosion and mold with the seamless preservation by the Cocoon Mothballing System. Or view other Cocoon products such as Facade Covering, Roof Covering and Membrane.