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Cocoon Mothballing System

Anti-corrosion drying system

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Cocoon Wall and Ceiling Finish

Seamless result, more cost efficiency.

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Seam and Gap Sealant

Expertly and responsibly sealing with Cocoon.

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Elastic, transparent, seamless, tight, strong and weather-resistant.

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Isulation Coating

Conserving, financially

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Facade Covering

Unique, sustainable and
cost efficient.

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Roof Covering

A durable roof covering for every project.

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Peelable Coating

Protection on many

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Are you looking for a way to protect your valuable materials from outside influences? It is sometimes difficult to find the right protection and conservation. Cocoon is happy to help you. When you choose Cocoon, you opt for a unique seam seal. A proven and proven solution: your materials are perfectly protected against corrosion and fungi, which means that the lifespan is many times longer. You are also at the right address for plastic wall coverings and low-maintenance façade cladding. Would you like to renovate a roof, for example, or are you looking for a durable form of façade cladding? We are the specialist. Builders, architects, technicians and managers trust the qualities of Cocoon worldwide.

Prevent corrosion with Cocoon

Mothballing offers the solution

Prevent corrosion and mold with the seamless preservation by the Cocoon Mothballing System. Or view other Cocoon products such as Facade Covering, Roof Covering en Membrane.

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Revolutionary coating


Seamless result

Long lifespan

Cost efficient

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