General product information

Characteristics of Cocoon

  • Cocoon is a high quality sprayable synthetic material, consisting of one component.
  • Cocoon dries quickly and can be applied efficiently and cleanly.
  • Cocoon forms a tough, seamless skin after drying; thus background functions can be continued.
  • Cocoon can, due to its unique web system, even form a base if this is missing.


Extensive certificates are available on request.

Cocoon is ideal for renewing a roof, but also as a plastic wall covering, maintenance-free façade covering, durable roof covering and wall and ceiling renovation. Cocoon also has many more applications. Do you want to know more about this? Then feel free to contact us.

Characteristic properties of Cocoon

  • Can be applied to almost all construction materials..
  • Strong fastness, with, where required, elasticity and expansion joints.
  • Weather resistant due to high UV-resistance.
  • Wind-resistant due to its tensile strength (tensile strength minimum 7,45 MN/m2 (76 kgf/cm) at 0,5 mm thickness).
  • Available in every required colour, except metallic colours.
  • Long colour fastness.
  • Seam free result.
  • Fungicidal.
  • Pore-free.
  • Cocoon can stretch to 2.5 times the original size, and return to the original form.
  • Cocoon can bridge the natural function of the base, without this affecting the Cocoon system.
  • Inflammable, does not encourage fire.
  • Can withstand flash fire.
  • Can withstand temperatures between –42° to +85°C.
  • Water vapour transmission virtually zero.
  • Cocoon does not spread when sprayed.
  • New Cocoon attaches to 10 year old Cocoon.
  • High electrical resistance.
  • Low smoke.
  • Resistant to seawater, sand storms and air pollution.
  • Resistant to bacteria, alkali’s, oils, fats, alcohol and most industrial acids.
  • Long lifespan.

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Take advantage of the following benefits

Can withstand temperatures from -35°C – +72°

System is weather resistant. 200% elastic. Airtight. Jointless with a very long lifespan

Very efficient and cost saving solution on the long term

Our product has been tried and tested for over 80 years

A linearly decreasing warranty possible up to 10 years

No limitation in surface to be treated

About Cocoon Holland B.V.

“We are a company located in Hoofddorp, a town nearby the airport, and we also have our dedicated storage facilities in Drachten, the north of The Netherlands where we store spare parts of LNG carriers”.

Alexander van der Zee, owner of Cocoon (since 2002), has established roots in the painting industry. His grandfather had a paint factory where his father also worked in and so became quite familiar with the production and application of paint-related products from a young age.

When the opportunity came to offer cocoon products, he seized that chance to further develop new applications for the technology.

Alexander van der Zee

Owner of Cocoon Holland B.V.