A well-known problem among contractors, architects and installation companies: Sealing seams and gaps around cables. Thick rows of cables go in and have to be neatly finished. But how do you ensure that the entry/exit point of cables is completely airtight, but also flexible and visually appealing? That is the question that many technicians are struggling with.

Along with the construction of large buildings, come increasing laws and regulations. The requirements that a building must meet are constantly being extended and the same applies to the rules concerning seam and gap sealing. A cable seal must meet a number of requirements:

  • It must be airtight
  • It must be easy to clean
  • It must have flexibility
  • Preferably it should look uniform; in the same color as the rest of the building

From baby food companies to large data centers:  cable transit seals must be done properly

Everyone who has to deal with the implementation of cables will have to tackle the issue: cables must be concealed in such a way that air, moisture, and creatures do not stand a chance. Take, for example, production companies that make baby nutrients. They are growing enormously and have to comply with the standards that the client imposes. But also the large data centers in Amsterdam and Eemshaven have to comply: there are thick rows of cables coming in and they have to be concealed in such a way that bacteria cannot penetrate.

How is it often solved? After the holes have been made, and the cables have been laid, façade technicians get started on sealing the hole surrounding the cables. By using sealants, Polyurethane, and sheets, they attempt to seal off the gaps as well as possible. However, the result is never really satisfactory. And that also has consequences for the warranty, which cannot be given on the sealed gaps.

A long-lasting and excellent solution: sprayable PVC from Cocoon

Cocoon has developed a proven airtight yet flexible seam & gap seal. How do we do that? We use a sprayable PVC, which enables us to trace the substrate. Our solution provides an air-tight, elastic and three-dimensional seal in the same color as the substrate. This is not only very good because it is more hygienic, but it also ensures that we can give a 10-year guarantee on the seal.

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