It was June 4, 2018 when we commenced the Amsterdome (formerly known as Aviodome) project. Missed what it is about? Then read our previous blog post. In short: six kilometer long seam sealing at about 23 meters in height for the old dome of the Amsterdome.

The same boys who were already hanging in the high-voltage towers along the A9, have again used their skills for this project. Trained by Rope Access and well secured, they hung on the dome of the old aircraft museum.

The end is coming into view

Sealing six kilometers of seams requires good preparation. But that good preparation now ensures that the work runs smoothly. Our four men have been hanging in the ropes of Rope Access for a while, day in and day out. The Dutch weather conditions do not make it any easier: the sun reflects on the aluminum and that causes poor visibility.

Another two and a half weeks and then we can proudly say that the dome of the old Aviodome is ready for the seam seal. The dome can then be further prepared to function as a meeting location.

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