Sekisui: gas-proofing and extinguishing room

Cocoon Holland was hired by engineering company Takenaka for client Sekisui from Japan, a leading supplier of high-quality technical thermoplastics in Limburg. A client for another major project had recommended Cocoon to them. According to them, the problem with sealing the façade drains was best solved with the Cocoon solution. They were absolutely right about that.

A solution for sealing all façade drains

Sekisui had a problem sealing their façade drains and cables. They did not know how they could do that themselves. Until they got the name Cocoon Holland from another client and heard about the kind of solutions Cocoon could offer.

Of course Cocoon Holland had a suitable solution for the problem of Sekisui utilizing the famous sprayable Cocoon PVC. This project started in August 2019 and we are currently fully engaged in various sealing activities at Sekisui in Heerlen.

Challenge: making an extinguishing room gas-tight

In a room on the second floor, the employees from Cocoon Holland were faced with a major challenge with an extinguishing room. Jed Lee, technical employee at Cocoon says: “There was an opening to a concrete floor. There were around 18 pipes running through it. The pipes also all had a different size. And the hole itself was 3.20 meters long and 55 cm wide. This hole had to be made completely gas-tight. It was, after all, an extinguishing room.

They thought no one could close that hole in the floor the right way. We wanted to take on the challenge to get that done.

We closed the gap in a very short time by masking it and then spraying it shut with the Cocoon solution. After that, the part on the floor was given a red marking, with a warning sticker on the wall not to walk on it. In this way, the powerful Cocoon system can continue to fulfill its function for a very long time in a safe and efficient manner.”

From a two-week project to an ongoing project

With a team of two employees, we are still working hard on this project. When work started in August, it would initially involve into two weeks of work. However, we are currently still busy sealing cables and penetrations at the gigantic factory and the company’s various buildings.

A satisfied client who in the past months has repeatedly found out that the Cocoon product is above expectations. Work on a new Sekisui building is also planned for 2020. A project that we are expected to hear a lot about.