Only recently joined Cocoon but already working for large (classified) projects

We would like to introduce the newest Cocoon employee. Robert Lee is 61 years old and has recently started working as an apprentice sprayer at Cocoon. In a short time he has already carried out work for various large projects. After asking a few questions, we soon find out what he thinks of his new job: “Working as a Cocoon technician is a totally new experience and a real challenge.”

Introducing: Robert Lee

Robert Lee, the latest addition to Cocoon, came to the Netherlands from England. In his career, he has already completed a whole process and has done various things in the field of work. For example, he worked as an overhead wiring engineer in England for 8 years and drove a truck for 20 years at a courier service. A few months ago he came to Cocoon as a technician. What makes it special is that he came in through his son, who also works at Cocoon.

In spite of his life and work experience, a whole new world opens up for him at Cocoon. “Working as a sprayer is a totally new experience and a real challenge.” That is mainly because until recently he had no experience whatsoever with the work of Cocoon. The repair of overhead lines or the delivery of goods is of course completely different than wielding a spray gun to bridge and close openings and / or holes.

As a student sprayer, Robert still has to learn everything from the basics. Courses for this work do not exist, and he has therefore had to rely on a lot of practical experience to learn the job in a mere three months. His more experienced colleagues helped him well in this.

Working for the Amsterdome project and a classified mission in Belgium

Robert has recently been involved in a number of beautiful Cocoon projects. In Belgium he gained work experience during the first 5 to 6 weeks. Among other things, he worked on a continuous pipeline project. His activities consisted of waterproofing cables. Because this is a “classified” project at a data center, Robert could not go into his work too detailed. He could, however, say that he picked up the work completely from scratch and had to learn everything step by step from his colleagues. And he likes it: “The learning process is very interesting.”

Robert also carried out work for a Japanese company at the very tip of the Netherlands, Heerlen. He had to coat and seal cables.

Another project that Robert has been working on lately was the Amsterdome project. This is one of the projects that Cocoon is very proud of. The Amsterdome was previously known as Aviodome. The Aviodome has been completely rebuilt with recycled materials and hereafter renamed Amsterdome. It is now the first round event location in the Netherlands. Cocoon was responsible for the seam sealing of the beautiful, self-supporting roof. After a leak, some extra repair work was needed. This repair work at the Amsterdome project took approximately two weeks. Robert’s task at hand was spraying closed holes with Cocoon coating. This allowed the leakage to be completely remedied.

What will the next major Cocoon project be?

Robert does not yet know what his next major project will be. That depends a bit on the schedule. But it is precisely the surprising aspect and the variety of projects and activities that make working for Cocoon special. “You always have to deal with new rules and different people. I am looking forward to further development in the coming period and to learn new things on the job.“