This is true in many cases, provided that the product is preserved in the right way and under suitable conditions. That is exactly what Cocoon Holland BV does.

How does the system work?

There is an increasing demand for LNG storage. In Drachten a location has been developed where objects are stored in a hall. The interior space is equipped with a Cocoon wall and ceiling system and is kept at a constant humidity of 38%. The stored parts remain in good condition because no mold or rust can occur at this humidity. Because the air humidity is kept very constant in the hall, it is possible to keep various electronic equipment for a long period. This technique is also applicable for larger objects that are stored on a storage site. Large objects, such as ship and aircraft parts, are placed on steel plates in the outdoor area in Drachten. An air-tight protective layer is then applied with a venting system where, on the one hand, dry air is blown in under the skin and on the other side is a valve where the excess air is blown out. The steel surface ensures that no moisture can come from below and that the object does not sink.

Multiple applications

Cocoon wall and ceiling finish is a product that ensures a dust-free and hygienic workspace, for example for research rooms and operating rooms. The elastic and seamless wall finish is easy to keep clean. Any cracks in walls and floors are therefore permanently covered so that external influences do not get a chance anymore. The product has the right properties to seal a room well. The material is flexible and can be applied in multiple colors. It is water and airtight so that molds have no chance to nest.

Cocoon as a faucet or roof cover

Cocoon is a plastic spray material with which open structures such as aerated concrete or other insulating material can be coated to create a maintenance-free and durable cladding. The same technique can also be used as roof covering. The roof is then provided with a water-resistant coating. Both product lines are available in multiple colors. The products are flexible in use but also safe and durable.

Our projects

  • In March 2019 a challenging project will start in France. The upper and lower cylinder of the ITER nuclear fusion reactor must be preserved for a minimum period of five years. Starting March 25, we will start with the preservation of the cryostat cylinders.
  • For Google, Cocoon is preferred supplier as a seal for data centers. Our unique mothballing system ensures that pests and molds cannot reach the center.