A morphing building

Elastic and tight, flexible and smooth, weatherproof and strong: Cocoon met all the requirements that Dutch renowned architect Architect Koolhaas was looking for while making a “skin” around his work. Prada Transformer was the stunning result. It decorated the city of Seoul in Korea for nine months.

Always changing

Prada Transformer was a temporary pavilion for events in Korea. You can imagine the building as a pyramid with four different surfaces: a circle, a cross, a hexagon and a rectangle. The surfaces could be changed through the use of three cranes. If the surface was a circle, there was an exhibition of clothes and bags. If the pyramid was on the rectangle, you could enjoy a film festival, the hexagon was designed for special events and the cross was for the Prada modern art foundation.

Stunning contrast

By placing the building on a new surface regularly, not only the use, but the complete street scene changed dramatically. In that perspective, the square where the Prada Transformer stood was quite a contrast to the surroundings. In the background there was an ancient Korean palace of which the application and appearance never changed in all those years.

Flexible and tight

The Cocoon Mebrame system that we used was an elastic, weatherproof plastic system. It seemed like the object was being sealed, resulting in a beautiful side effect. Due to the movement of wind, the shape of the cocoon was always changing. When there was absolutely no wind, the “skin” completely encircled the steel frame.

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