Mountain climbing course results in satisfied client

Of course we can imagine that when we are talking about flexible PVC coating, you do not immediately think of a course mountain climbing. Among us: we had never thought about it either. And yet, following this training is exactly what we did when we started working for a large steam supplier that was placing new high-voltage pylons along the A4, between Haarlem and Beverwijk. Would you like to climb with us?

Climbing the mountain

Look, with Cocoon’s coating, materials, including high-voltage pylons, will be maintenance-free for at least 30 years. Naturally, that is a great prospective. But when we were asked to carry out our work at 45m high, we did feel some tenseness. We are often faced with challenges that give us energy, but this felt a little different. In fact, we soon realized that there was only one serious solution that would help us do our job properly. A course. Mountaineering. Working at Cocoon is truly divers. Anyway, not long afterwards, some of our employees started the course enthusiastic (but yet still a bit impressed), learning the ins and outs of mounting climbing techniques.


You can say a lot about us at Cocoon, but certainly not that we are arrogant. Even though, on the days we executed our project, we did feel ‘superior’. What a view, to look at the world from this height, while at the same time applying our coating. And now? Now we have both feet on the ground again, as you expect from us. But if we have to, then we will definitely climb 45m high again. Because also for this skill, we believe that a wide view expands the thinking. Also, and maybe especially, if you are working in the world of PVC coating.