Why Alexander van der Zee founded Cocoon…

“In fact, this does have something to do with my genes”, says Alexander van der Zee, owner of Cocoon (since 2002), a company known for its revolutionary coating systems. “My grandfather had a paint factory. I just loved being there as a small child. I enjoyed the scent of the paint, the atmosphere and the materials. When my father started working in the same factory later, it became clear to me that I had a future in the production and application of paint-related products. Cocoon: that’s what it was, and that’s what it still is up to today.”

The chain, from A to Z

“What I like about this craft, is that we do everything from A to Z. We have impact on the entire chain, from the first advice to the final application and after-sales service. In my experience, this guarantees our quality. Looking for the best solutions together with contractors and architects gives me loads of energy. Our product is not cheap. The coating is applied by hand, resulting in more working hours. You could say we always deliver craftsmanship.

Before parties contact us, they have often tried a lot of other solutions. They have searched for cheaper alternatives, but then experience problems regarding durability and the formation of corrosion and mold, because the coating needs to be applied seamlessly, or because of insufficient elasticity or chemical resistance.

Our company has existed since 1972, meaning we are a well-known party, especially in the pharmaceutical sector. We do notice that architects do not always think of us for facade covering. That is something we need to change, because Cocoon is weatherproof, is perfectly applicable to any organic form and is extremely low in weight”, says Alexander.

The right look and feel

He continues: “Perhaps that is what gives me the most energy: sitting down at the drawing table, thinking along with others until we have found the perfect solution. I am a happy person if we can give the design of an architect, contractor and finally the client the right look and feel by applying our product. I always aim for long-term relationships, also within my company. For example, there are two staff members who have been employed since our establishment. I think that is valuable.”