What to look for when buying protective packaging equipment

We said it before and we’ll say it again: when addressing corrosion, proper protective packaging equipment will help you to save serious money. Our claim is backed up by Nace International, the Worldwide Corrosion Authority, which conducted a study in 2016. In it, the global cost of corrosion is estimated to be US$2.5 trillion. Can you imagine the costs savings corrosion prevention materials will generate?

The importance of corrosion protection shipping and storage

First of all, when you are storing equipment, you’d best preserve it properly. If you don’t, moist, fungi or damaging conditions will wreak havoc on your equipment. When you are ready to recommission your machinery, you risk having to conduct extensive maintenance first. Who would want to experience expensive delays or costly reparations? No one, we reckon. Hence, the importance of corrosion preventing materials.

Secondly, instead of storing equipment, you might need to operate machines under heavy conditions. For example when working off shore, on tumultuous seas. Or in arid desert climates. Water, sand, UV radiation and extreme temperatures will wear down any equipment not suitably protected. Again, here come corrosion prevention materials into play.

Looking into buying protective packaging equipment? Keep this in mind:

Are you looking for a supplier of protective packaging equipment? Then keep the following in mind: Make sure that they really can hermetically seal off your equipment. It is the only way to prevent corrosion from occurring, as even the tiniest leakages can prove disastrous.

Also, after having sealed your equipment, you need to ascertain that the enclosed air is kept beneath a so-called ‘rust border’. For short periods of time, absorbent drying substances will make do. However, when you intend to preserve equipment for more extensive amounts of time, you will need a controllable economiser system.

Needless to say, the corrosion prevention materials you are looking for, need to be corrosion resistant themselves. However, they might need to be resistant to other damaging substances or conditions as well. Keep in mind where you will be storing your machinery. Is corrosion resistance sufficient, or does the protective packaging equipment need to withstand industrial chemicals, bacteria and fungi as well? How about UV radiation, sand (storms), extreme temperatures or flash fires?

Finally, you wish to be able to recommission your equipment without unnecessary delays. A regular check should make do and this is possible. Our Mothballing equipment, for example, allows for preservation without the dismantlement of machines, factory installations, ships or planes.

Keep these tips in mind when you are looking into buying protective packaging equipment. It will save you serious money!

More information about corrosion protection shipping and storage

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