Make your datacenter weatherproof!

Air and watertight with a very efficient and cost saving solution

It is critical to maintain operational reliability and reduce the risk of downtime at your data center. Rising sea levels and extreme weather is becoming more common. This could become a big threat to your data center infrastructure. The time has come for an efficient and durable solution to protect your data center.

In this brochure you will find:

How to provide durable protection for your data centre against external weather influences.

How to protect data centers from moisture.

How we have been applying our coating for over 80 years, providing an efficient and affordable solution for seam and transit sealing.

Technical Description of Cocoon Seam & Gap sealant for the various seams and penetrations.

A summary of all the properties of our revolutionary coating.

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We’ve secured numerous data centers with quality seam and gap sealing work for the following organizations in Europe and the Middle East

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What makes our data center security solution unique?

The coating is a high-quality, sprayable synthetic material that is also maintenance-free. This product can be connected to electric cables, data cables, air ducts and other materials.

Can withstand temperatures from -35°C – +72°

System is weather resistant. 200% elastic. Airtight. Jointless with a very long lifespan

Very efficient and cost saving solution on the long term

“We are a company located in Hoofddorp, a town nearby the airport, and we also have our dedicated storage facilities in Drachten, the north of The Netherlands where we store spare parts of LNG carriers”.

Alexander van der Zee, owner of Cocoon (since 2002), has established roots in the painting industry. His grandfather had a paint factory where his father also worked in and so became quite familiar with the production and application of paint-related products from a young age.

When the opportunity came to offer cocoon products, he seized that chance to further develop new applications for the technology.

Alexander van der Zee

Owner of Cocoon Holland B.V.

Download the brochure

Fill in the form below and receive the brochure