Delivery of the second phase of the future nuclear fusion reactor Iter

During the Iter project in southern France, Cocoon participated in various phases on a trial version of a future nuclear fusion reactor; a tokamak. An immense installation that should teach us how to generate energy in an environmentally friendly and profitable way.

In the meantime, a start has also been made in the South of France to combine the first parts of the tokamak. The lower cylinder from phase 1 packed by Cocoon is one of those parts.

Looking back on a great project

The idea of building a tokamak was suggested in the Soviet Union as early as the 1950s. In the south of France, 36 different countries joined forces a few years ago to actually build a pilot version of a future nuclear fusion reactor.

The Iter project is seen by Cocoon as one of their most special projects.
This project is particularly special because of its size. It was carried out in 2 different stages.

Phases Iter Project

Cocoon was engaged in 2018 for phase 1 of the Iter project. In this phase, Cocoon conserved the tokamak’s Lower Cryostat Cylinder through mothballing. An extensive job in which calculations and planning played a role and in which insight and collaboration were a requirement.

First, the entire piping system was installed on the cryostat, with the aim of dehumidifying.

To prevent mold and rust formation, the cylinders were then covered with no less than 2200 m2 airtight Cocoon foil.

Employee Jed Lee explains: “These pieces of foil weigh up to 350 kilos each and we have made them in advance in the Netherlands. With our own hoist system, we attached the foil to the steel construction with our own primer.”

After this, the cylinder with a diameter of 30 meters and a height of 12 meters was provided with several layers of Cocoon 550. This makes it resistant to all weather conditions, moisture and dust.

August 2019 was the start of phase 2. At this stage, the tokamak’s Upper Cryostat Cylinder was packed.

Assembly of the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor

On July 28, French President Macron and government leaders from Europe, China, America, India, Japan, Korea and Russia celebrated the start of the assembly of the world’s largest nuclear fusion actor. The lower cylinder packed by Cocoon was also fitted.

Cocoon mothballing for the preservation of materials and vehicles

In addition to packing large parts, such as with the Iter project, we are also able to pack vehicles. Think of jet fighters and breeder aircraft. The technology of the Cocoon product makes this possible.

We specialize in the preservation of materials, so that corrosion and mold do not stand a chance. The Cocoon mothballing system provides the items to be preserved with a weather-resistant, tough and seamless Cocoon “skin”, which hermetically seals against moisture and dust.

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