Special explosion-proof halls are being built on an artificial island off the coast of Kuwait. The construction company from Moerdijk, however, ran into the fact that certain structural components came through the work floor. And you guessed it: Cocoon obviously had a solution for that. Read on to know how we approached it.

The construction parts – steel columns – came through the roof. As a result, the construction was no longer closed off and the construction company had to look for a solution to make the room hermetically closed off again. The requirement was to seal it off in order to make it gas and airtight. Several options were weighed but in the end the choice was made for the seam and transit seal of Cocoon.

Not just a location this time

The circumstances in which the seam and transit seal had to be carried out were special this time. In Kuwait, on a roof, in a crawl space of 60 cm high and in 48 degrees. The work was carried out outside Kuwait City on a temporary construction site. After one and a half weeks of work, the space was again hermetically sealed and the halls could be moved by ship to the artificial production island.