Cocoon: The umbrella above each roof

If you ask us, the umbrella is one of the most ingenious inventions ever. Although the material is thin and flexible, the umbrella keeps everyone dry. Did you know that something similar exists for roofs? Cocoon is a spray-on coating product that seals seams and cracks on roofs. Unlike other coating products, it is flexible and stretchable. It does not matter if the roof is still working, which is usually the case due to changing weather conditions.

When it’s raining hard inside and outside
After months of building, the moment has finally arrived. As a contractor, project developer or architect you have been looking forward to the moment when people or companies move into your brand-new building. But then there is the first rain shower. Your biggest nightmare scenario becomes reality: It’s raining at least as hard inside as outside. What now?

Circles, mold and damage
Nobody is interested in water damage caused by leakage on the roof. Walls become damp and show yellow circles, the humidity in the building increases and -as if the misery is not complete yet- there is that mildew smell. Luckily, water damage can be resolved. But it’s much more effective and cheaper to prevent it.

Passageways are the wrongdoers
A straightforward roof usually does not cause many problems. Nine out of ten times leaks occur through so-called “passageways” in the roof like:

  • Incorrect attachment of roof gutters
  • Seams of roof covering that allow water to pass
  • Light domes that do not fit properly
  • Tubes, hoses or pipes that stick out of the roof and are not properly sealed
  • Roof windows
  • Additional connections or additions to a roof

Do you want to ensure a durable seal and waterproofness of your building? With Cocoon the hassle on your roof is over. Please contact us for more information.