How Cocoon developed into a renowned company

It’s 1946. The Second World War has come to an end, but the remnants of the war are still visible everywhere. Take alone the valuable equipment, vehicles and machines of war that can no longer be used. In the storage, this equipment soon will be eaten away by rust and mold. But then the Americans come with a solution: Cocoon. This is a spray-on coating product, resulting in equipment that can be preserved for years. It protects against a (too) high humidity and other external influences.

After years of success abroad, the knowledge about the product Cocoon blows over to the Netherlands. And of course the venturous Dutch decide they want to produce the product themselves. They want to do it even better and more efficient. In 1972 Cocoon Holland is born. The independent producer of the spray-on coating product reveals itself.

Increasing popularity

Initially, Cocoon is mainly used to keep the valuables from the Royal Navy and the Air Force protected. Over the years, the product is also well known by (amongst others) contractors and architects. They see great benefits for example siding, sealing seams and the finishing of roofs. Hospitals, laboratories and cleanrooms also have interest in the product, regarding hygienic and seamless ceiling and wall finishes. The petrochemical industry and data centers will soon follow.

Crowning glory

These days, the nine staff members of Cocoon Holland fly all around the world to serve architects, contractors, and so many other companies. Of course they bring their paint pump, air compressor, and cans Cocoon along.

Although you might not see it directly, Cocoon is everywhere around us. For example, on the A’DAM tower. We are talking about the former ‘Overhoeks’ building on the ‘IJ’ in Amsterdam. The one with that beautiful white crown… from Cocoon!

About Cocoon

Cocoon is a revolutionary coating product. It’s a high quality, sprayable plastic, developed over half a century ago and still unsurpassed. No other product has the reputation of Cocoon. No other product has the unique characteristics of Cocoon. And no other product has so many application possibilities.